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Our students can provide expert knowledge on the innovation processes within your organisation and within the market in which your organisation operates. We focus on all types of innovation and specialise in the areas of energy, transport and life sciences. We provide our services at the small cost of €15 per hour. Below this text follows a non-exhaustive list of different types of analyses that our students can perform for your organisation. Please get in touch with us to get more information on the services we can provide for specifically your organisation.

System analysis

Innovation never happens in isolation. A wide variety of factors influence the process as a whole. A firm that delivers a product or service to their customers is influenced by direct and indirect factors. Direct factors include competitors and suppliers of the firm. Indirect factors could be research institutes and legislation from national or regional authorities. Helix Consulting can identify these direct and indirect factors for your firm by executing a system analysis. Based on this, a strategy can be drawn up to handle the system as efficiently as possible.

Market Analysis

Helix Consulting can help your firm by talking to your market with an objective view. This way, leading adoption factors in the market can be identified. Thereafter, an advice can be constructed of how your firm could better connect to the demand side of the market.

Data analysis

The amount of collected data available is continuously increasing. More and more can be analysed on the basis of data alone. Several methods have been developed to analyse data that is the output of science (patents and publications). This can be applied on many levels with different purposes.

Competition analysis

For your firm, Helix Consulting can identify which aspects customers find important. We will do this by interviewing potential customers and/or analyzing available online data. Subsequently, a multi-criteria analysis will be executed which combines the identified aspects by applying a weight to each of them. Finally, an effective comparison can be made of your product or service in relation to your competitors.