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Who are we?

Helix Consulting is a student consultancy firm that is part of the study association NWSV Helix and therefore with a close relation to the Utrecht University. As a student consultancy firm, we allow students to gain practical experience in working as a consultant by using their knowledge on innovation to solve cases. The general understanding of innovation can be combined with additional knowledge about the energy and transport sector or the life sciences sector. An appropriate team of student consultants is specifically selected for each case based on motivation, resume, grades and relevant knowledge & experience for the case in question.

In the past case teams have included students from the following study programmes:

A close connection to the Utrecht University allows us to have access to large databases and scientific experts who are able to provide feedback on many subjects.

Our mission

Our mission is to stimulate innovation and sustainability, to provide companies with good advice and to provide students with relevant practical experience.

How we work

The first step in starting a case is to find a suitable case team. We do this by promoting the case in our network of over 600 students. After receiving all the applications we carefully select a diverse case team based on their motivation, resume, grades and relevant knowledge & experience for the case in question.

The case team is provided with guidance from one of our project leaders. They also recieve feedback from a teacher of the Department of Innovation, Environmental and Energy Sciences from the Utrecht University and from a feedback team consisting of students and alumni with consultancy experience. Due to this extensive guidance and feedback, we can maintain a consistent level of high quality.

The final results of a case are presented in a format based on the preferences of our client and on the nature of the case. The possibilities include, but are not limited to, a presentation, workshop or report.

During and after a case we constantly evaluate our own processes so that we, as an organisation, can also grow with every new case we work on.

Our History

Helix Consulting was founded on the 23rd of February 2015 in collaboration with the board of the study association NWSV Helix and a number of students. Students found that their study programma paid too little attention to gaining practical experience. Since a majority of the students of NWSV Helix finds a job in the consultancy branch after their graduation, the solution seemed obvious, resulting in the foundation of Helix Consulting.

Since its foundation, Helix Consulting has been providing valuable experience to both the students that work in our case teams as to the committee of project leaders who run Helix Consulting.